How I can help you
with your website?

I create websites. I can design and launch your website. Together we will create a website that will promote your business. We can make a blog or an online store. Whatever you need.

We will make a website in accordance with the needs of your business and according to your expectations.

I create websites mainly in WordPress, because it is the most common, proven and most often recommended platform for setting up websites. Almost half of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use and reliable platform.

Your website is outdated? Your IT specialist is very busy and you have to wait a long time for corrections? Do you pay dearly for every change on the website?

In addition to creating websites – I often help refresh the website and move it to a more friendly platform. We can build your website on a platform where changes and corrections can be easily made. You can learn to handle it yourself, or I’ll take care of it. You won’t have to wait for me, because I understand how important it is to act on time in business. I always take on so many projects so that I can quickly respond to the needs and requests of my clients.

I offer translations of websites and creating pages in foreign languages, thanks to which your company and your offer can effectively reach customers from all over the world.

Don’t you want to be addicted to the programmer all the time? Do you want to be able to introduce new texts, changes and corrections on the website yourself? I will teach you how to modify the website in the most important scope.

Creating a website is just the beginning of the road. Each website must be updated on a regular basis. It is also necessary to make backup versions. This is the basic protection in the event of a hacker attack, which, unfortunately, can happen to anyone. I can also take care of your website in this regard.

żarówki na tle nieba

I create websites
that are unique

user-friendly and easy to modify. My websites are characterized not only by a modern design, but also by an intuitive user interface. The websites I create are tailored to the needs of clients and the industry.

I create websites
in several languages

and thanks to this, your offer can reach customers from abroad. For me, creating a website in multiple languages is not a problem. And for you, it’s an opportunity to reach a wide range of customers. I will put up a functional and attractive website,  taking into account the needs of foreign customers. Customers from different countries will easily find the information they need about your product or service.

  1. Better translation quality – Automatic translation often contains errors and does not accurately reflect the content of the original page. That is why it is worth setting up a website in two languages to be able to consciously translate the content, while maintaining the language correctness and the context of the content.
  2. Better user experience – A website put up in two languages allows for better customization for users from different countries. This makes it easier for users to find their way around the site and makes the process of using it more intuitive.
  3. Increase reach – Having the site in two languages increases reach and allows you to reach a wider audience that speaks languages other than just Polish.
  4. Improve search results – Having a bilingual site allows you to increase your visibility in search results for specific keywords in your language. This will make your site more visible and more accessible to users looking for information in a particular language.
  5. Better SEO – Having your site in two languages allows you to increase the amount of content on your site, which translates into better positioning of your site in search results.
strona wielojęzyczna angielski
strona wielojęzyczna niemiecki
multilingual website italian
multilingual website spanish flag

Responsive website

looks great on different devices and web browsers.

Constant technical care

including updates, backups and optimizations for fast site performance.

A personalized approach

With your business needs and goals in mind.

My websites
are responsive

and work well on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. They are also safe and accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technology.

My clients are not stressed,

Because I communicate efficiently when creating a website and act quickly.

No-stress process

I handle everything from design to implementation and deployment of changes.

Easy to modify

so you can easily make changes and updates to your site without having to call for help

Quick response

I am always ready to help solve technical problems.

How much does it cost to make a website?

For single-page website (i.e. all information on one page) placed in WordPress, made especially for you, with an easy user interface, in one language, you will pay 2,000. PLN net. This is the starting price, which assumes that your website will not be very complicated. Each subsequent subpage is an additional cost of about PLN 250-500 (for each page, the price depends on the complexity of the page, the amount of content, graphics, etc.). Also, additional elements are priced, such as a blog, contact form or access map. Then you need to add languages – each additional language in which your website is to be available is additional remuneration, because the entire website needs to be translated.

Creating a website is like building a house. Because websites are our homes on the Internet and their prices vary just as real estate prices vary. Will it be a small single-page website (like a studio apartment) or an extensive website with many subpages (like a house)? Will you want to connect your social media or collect a mailing database, or maybe run a blog? That’s why I make an individual calculation for each page.

Website design
step by step.

We will define the goal for your website. We will determine why you need the site, what tasks it should perform and what functions it should have (e.g. map, contact form, calendar, etc.).

It will be necessary to gather all the materials to put up your website: first of all, photos and texts to be included in the site. This is your job.

Website design is on my side. I will create a website for you that will be responsive (adapted to mobile devices), will contain all the necessary elements and meet the usability requirements for customers.

We will implement your website based on CMS WordPress. I will prepare the administrative back-up. Upon your request, I may optimize your website from the SEO point of view to make it browser-friendly (e.g. Google).

I make websites
in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website management platform. WordPress is completely free and gives you great opportunities: you can easily update your website, and change the look and functionality of your website at any time. The main advantage of WordPress is its popularity. You can read more about WordPress in this article on my blog.

schody prowadzące do pięknego miejsca pokazują, że projektowanie stron www to proces z dobrą przyszłością

What will we do once the website is up and running?

You can have me manage your website. I will take care of its security and updates. I will make sure that all changes are made quickly and efficiently.

Or I will teach you how to operate your website to the extent necessary for the daily operation of the site.

Do you have questions about web design?

Check out the answers to frequently asked questions below. I also invite you to visit my blog. And if you do not find what you are looking for – email me at

For single-page website (i.e. all information on one page) placed in WordPress, made especially for you, with an easy user interface, in one language, you will pay 2,000. PLN net. Read more about the price of making a website above on this page. Get in touch for a free quote.

The whole process, from the moment you provide me with all the necessary materials (see the question below), will take at least 2 weeks – for the single-page website (one main page, no subpages). The more subpages and functions – the longer it takes. Each time we set the date individually.

You must have the following things prepared:

  • 3-4 websites that you like, that you want to follow when making your website;
  • font, or actually 2-3 fonts that you will use on your site: for texts, for titles and for headings;
  • selected guide colors for your site;
  • Photos – they are very important; if the company is based on you – it’s good that they are your photos; of course, you can also use photos from photo stocks; the key is that you should have a few dozen photos selected for your website;
  • Texts for your website.

Without the above things, there is no point in even starting work on a website.

We will design the website