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Great website


Your website is your home on the internet. It is worth that you love it and take care of it.

My company was born out of the need to make a great website for my first business. I’ve never loved a website that a developer had made for me. It felt as if I lived in a rented apartment, just like the one where I lived after graduation. It supposedly had everything you needed, but it wasn’t great at all. I couldn’t change or design anything in my own way. I had all the necessary equipment: a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a bookcase – but it was not mine, I did not love this place. Now I finally live in a house that we have built „made to measure”. It is what I dreamed of and it works the way I want.

It is similar with the website for my first business. Only when I made it myself, from scratch, completely in my own way – only then did I love it. On the way I found out that I am great at creating websites. And that’s how my second company, where you are now, was born.

I love simple solutions.

I don’t want you to associate creating a website with anything negative. I will help you make your website the easy way. Step by step. We unravel the mysterious language of IT specialists and you will handle everything yourself.